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Help and Support
If you don't know how to download or install the game or if you experience any difficulties, you will most likely find the answers here. If you can't find the solution to your problem, please contact our class="textlink">customer support.

What are "Trial" downloads?
"Trial" downloads are try-before-you-buy software (also known as "Shareware") that include functionality limitations such as a trial period or disabled features. You may download and evaluate them for free. If you like the games, then buy the full versions in order to enjoy the full features of the games.

f How do I buy the full version of the game?
It is very easy to order the full version of a game. Just click the "Buy Now" button and you will be directed to the online secure order form where you can buy the game.

I lost the full version that I bought, how can I get it back?
In some cases you only need to download and install the trial game once again on your computer to get the full version back. Otherwise, if you have lost your license information, you will need to contact class="textlink">customer support for help.

What do I do when my game does not work properly?
Firstly take a look at the technical issues below, where your problem might already have been solved. If not, please contact class="textlink">customer support.

How can I be notified when you add new games to the site?
Just sign up for our free newsletter.

Where can I find your Privacy Statement?
You can find our Privacy Statement here.

Why am I not able to download the game?
There are several reasons why you might be having trouble downloading a game. The download link for the game might be temporarily or even permanently broken. Ordinarily the download link will only be temporarily broken, so please just wait a few hours, and then try downloading the file again. If you think the link is permanently broken, please contact class="textlink">customer support.

I get an error message when I try to run the setup program
Most likely the file you have downloaded is corrupt, i.e. the download of the game was not successful. Normally all you need to do is just download and install the game again.

I get an error message when I play or start the game
First, please make sure you check the system requirements for the game. Then check if you have the required version of Windows and DirectX. You can also try to downloading and reinstalling the game again. If this does not help please contact the class="textlink">customer support.

Contact Customer Support

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